Mea Culpa!

Apologies for the long absence from this blog - it’s been a hectic several weeks since Easter. The Walsingers contributed to the music at Ascension Day at the Parish Church and we seem to have transitioned to doing regular worship music with the Junior Choir. The Junior Choir also participated at H.W.’s Variety Show last Sunday at Walsingham Parish Hall - great fun and many thanks to M-P.R and Z.R. for all their help both leading and bolstering the ranks. Special thanks to Anna A. and Paddy A. for all their help with the guitar and drums at rehearsal and in performance.

With Harmer family work plans and summer holiday schedule I’ve decided to take a mini-break with Walsingers till mid-July. Date of next rehearsal possibly 16th July but TBC. Watch this website!

Meanwhile, the field our house looks onto in Hindringham has gone from muddy mess to neatly ploughed to sprouting green to lush growth. Peas apparently (according to the neighbours). And when it’s harvested the crop will be in the freezer within a couple of hours. Its been wonderful to follow the seasons around from November to now and see the procession of nature through the journey of the year. Poppies in the hedgerows have been a joy recently - we have them growing in our driveway also and I was mystified till recently as what they could be before they flowered, never having seen them grow up close. Have been mindful of WWI seeing the red blots where the car has carnaged through them periodically. The analogy is grim but they fall and rise so swiftly.

If you have a moment, do google Is my team ploughing - a song by Butterworth, text from a Housman poem. Not explicitly WWI related but written and composed a bit earlier than 1914. Chilling. And very, very beautiful.