Blow the wind southerly

Many thanks to the 24 of you who turned up for Tuesday’s rehearsal in the two choirs. I’ve enjoyed listening to our little recordings and will, as promised, put up a recording of the different voice parts of Panis Angelicus on this website in due course. Hopefully - that is… I find there’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip when it comes to technology.

Thank you to our new attendees on Tuesday also, plus those who’ve contacted me from seeing the article about the choir in the Fakenham Sun.

Next rehearsal will be Tuesday 26th March - please note: there is no rehearsal on Tuesday 19th March. We’re doing what an old school friend used to refer to as the “relly run”, down to Kent.

Nothing like a visit to London as an advertisement for Norfolk life: Dr Johnson may have been a wise old bird, but I guarantee that Norfolk chickens lay better eggs than those found in the Tesco’s on the Brixton Road.

We’re enjoying the drive-by stalls around Thursford and Walsingham currently. Wonderfully fresh veg at a fraction of the supermarket price. Homemade marmalade from Sylvia in Thursford with our own home-baked bread… Chicken Delight at Stockwell Tube just don’t compare, even if the opening hours are convenient.

A pox on this work thing that has blown me southerly for a few days… country road: take me home!