That owl's been sauntering around again

Well done the youngsters of the wcec group, many of whom are also part of the Walsingers choirs: a sterling effort last night at H.W.s excellent Variety Show, featuring some lovely performances. N.A. was most convincing as Cosette in Castle on a cloud. J.A. demonstrated an ungainlyly good comedy limp as Rumplestiltskin. Fortunately I managed to get into my car after the show - thank you D.W. - and A.A. for praying!

Owls are out a plenty at the moment, but the winter plumage seems unnecessary given the amazing sunshine we’re having today. 17 degrees currently here on 25th February in Hindringham. Hopefully the icebergs aren’t too warm a few hundred miles North… it feels strangely unseasonable here.

Walsingers rehearsal tomorrow, 3:15 and 4:15pm for junior and senior choirs respectively. See you there!