An owl flew past our bedroom window this morning

Many thanks to all who turned up yesterday for our first session: thanks for apologies also from those few who couldn’t make it. We had 13 at senior choir and 6 at junior choir. A good start was made on Panis Angelicus and the juniors sang Amazing Grace very nicely.

For choir members reading this, our next rehearsal will be Tuesday 26th February at the usual times for both choirs. For new members aged 11 or over (including adults), this is 4:15-5:30pm, in the Church of the Annunciation or possibly the upper room, accessed through the stairs at the right of the entrance.

Could hardly speak this morning, being thick with sore throat and cold. Was rendered even more speechless by the beautiful owl who sauntered past our bedroom window and flew back and forth over the field a few times. Hares were racing about in the distance earlier by the copse.